XCov 24 Contact Information

Control Center
Ames, IA, USA Ocober 7 to 21, 2004

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

Please contact HQ upon your arrival at the observatory. Be prepared to specify a good contact time, a phone number or email where you can be reached during the observing night and times of twilight or of target acquisition. We would also like a listing of full names and affiliations of people involved at your site/institute with this WET run.

       Incoming Phone Calls: 1 515 294 1150
                  Alternate: 1 515 294 4348
                        Fax: 1 515 294 3073

                     E-Mail: wet@wet.physics.iastate.edu
                        FTP: wet.physics.iastate.edu  (see below)
                                username - available by email
                                password - available by email
Expected Control Center staff are:

   Steve Kawaler       - office: 1 515 294 9728			Oct 7 - 21
   (Co-Director)           email: sdk@iastate.edu

    Reed Riddle        -  email: riddle@astro.caltech.edu       Oct 7 - 17

    Andrzej Baran      - Oct 7 - 19

    Zoltan Csubry      - Oct 7 - 21

    Eric Klumpe        - Oct 10 - 19

    Pawel Moskalik     - Oct 7 - 21

    Sean O'Brien       - Oct 16 - 21

    Simon O'Toole      - Oct 7 - 21

    Maja Vuckovic      - Oct 7 - 13

    Staszek Zola       - Oct 7 - 19

    Additional local volunteers: Liz Potter, Chris Tourek

The office numbers are listed for local people, although the best way to contact them will probably also be at the HQ contact phone numbers listed above.

Data Submission

There are two ways to send your data and logs at the end of each night.
  1. Via e-mail to: wet@wet.physics.iastate.edu

  2. By FTP to: wet.physics.iastate.edu The username for the FTP site and the password is available through email. This information is only available through email because we have had problems with hackers filling the FTP system in the past. This is not an anonymous FTP transfer, so you will need the username and password to upload your data. If you use the FTP option, load your data into the "wet/incoming/xcov24/" directory.

We will be reducing the data as fast as they come in, and we'll contact you promptly if we have any questions about, or problems with, the data you send. If you are using a CCD system, please be sure to use the data format outlined at http://wet.physics.iastate.edu/Tools/xqed/format.html. Note that HQ will not be accepting CCD frames during the campaign, but will require them to be sent in after the campaign.

In case the IITAP mail/ftp servers go down, there is an emergency email address for use in contacting the control center: wholeearthtelescope@yahoo.com.

World Wide Web

We have a WWW site set up for XCov 24. It currently has all finder charts, observing instructions, contact information, assigned observing time, etc. During the run, we will keep it updated with the latest results and thoughts on the data. It will also have a discussion page where all can contribute to a discussion about the run. We would welcome your comments on how to improve the usefulness of the WWW site.

XCov 24 URL: http://wet.physics.iastate.edu/xcov24/

Send comments to WETmaster. Last updated on 14 July 2004.