XCov 24

7 October to 21 October 2004

General Run Information

Observing packets

There are no observing packets for this campaign. Print out the Finder charts, observing instructions and any other information you need (visibility charts, scientific justifications, etc). Make sure to print out the contact information for HQ!


Primary target: PG 0014+067
Secondary target: RXJ 2117+3412
Alternate Targets: PG 0048+091

The data presented on this and subsequent pages are not public domain and belong to the astronomers involved in the WET collaboration. They are the result of a quick-look analysis and may contain errors. They are meant only to inform observers and other collaborators of how the data look and what results may come out of them.

If you are interested in the data, please contact the WET directorate: either Steve Kawaler (sdk@iastate.edu), Darragh O'Donoghue (dod@saao.ac.za) or Reed Riddle (riddle@iastate.edu). It is WET policy that all data will become public-domain 18 months after the WET run is over.

Send comments to WETmaster. Last updated on 14 July 2004.